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About Me:

Hello, I’m Serkan!

As written in the site description, I’m yet another product and technology enthusiast. And sometimes I have an obsession with them. Besides being an enthusiast and part-time obsessed, I count myself so lucky since I have been building awesome products for more than 9+ years and they touch millions of users. Reaching users via your products is an amazing feeling.

Product Management is the only way for a man to have the same feeling of a mother.

And I recently started writing again after a long time. You can either check my Medium account here or see the list of blog posts here!

I’m currently living in Berlin and leading the product for Datajet where we develop Search and Recommendation services for e-commerce companies. Before Datajet, I had the chance to work with several internet and software companies but among all, two of them will always be special for me: Insider & Yandex!

Besides all the professional work life, I enjoy:

    • Crossfit! – “Crossfit is a way of life. You eat well, you train hard, you push yourself. It teaches you so much about yourself.”
    • OLY – Olympic Weight Lifting! Sometime after I started Crossfit, I realized how much I enjoy weightlifting and powerlifting. As I’m not one of the good guys in gymnastic movements, it was a chance to empower the part that I’m already good at it.
    • Reading as much as I can
    • Coffee, please!
  • Discovering new artists in Spotify

If you are more interested in my professional work experience, you can find me on Linkedin!

2019 Goals:

Trying to set my new year goals!

2018 Goals:

Read books – Success: 50%

  • Target 10
  • Current achievement: 5

Listen to audiobooks – Success: 0%

  • Target 5
  • Current achievement: 0…

Re-open blog – Success: 83%

  • Target 6 posts
  • Current achievement: 5

Travel – Success: 33%

  • Visit family in Turkey 4 visits – Success: 75%
    • Current achievement: 3
  • Travel in Germany 4 cities – Success: 25%
    • Current achievement: 1
  • Travel within Europe 3 countries – Success: 33%
    • Current achievement: 1
  • Travel to South or North America – Success: 0% because of the delay
    • Current achievement: 0…

Crossfit –  Success: 100% even though I had 5 months injury!

  • Unbroken pull-ups  ≥ 10
    • Current achievement: 12 – Done!
  • Unbroken push-ups ≥ 20
    • Current achievement: 20 – Done!
  • Unbroken double-under ≥ 30
    • Current achievement: 32 – Done!