Transformative Product Leadership, Expert Consultation, and Dedicated Mentorship

Welcome to Serkan’s space, where business acumen meets technological innovation. Serkan is a distinguished product leader with a solid track record in utilizing AI & ML for developing customer-focused products. With extensive experience at leading companies like XING, Zalando, HeyJobs, GFG, Insider and Yandex, Serkan has demonstrated exceptional skills in product management, leadership, and strategic development. His expertise encompasses building advanced search & recommendation systems, enhancing product personalization, and steering product adaptation across diverse markets and languages. Engage with Serkan to transform your product vision into impactful reality.

What are you seeking?

Fractional & Interim Product Support

Serkan specializes in establishing efficient product processes, how to implement AI & ML processes into your products, defining your KPI driver trees & North Star KPI, recruiting and training top talent, formulating compelling product strategies, and leading productive discovery phases. He is committed to elevating your product to new heights of excellence.

Coaching & Training

Serkan is devoted to the growth of future product professionals, offering coaching and training sessions on Product Management, AI & ML, and more. Designed to foster professional growth, these sessions are customized to meet individual development needs.

Dedicated Mentorship

With a passion for supporting talented and enthusiastic product managers, Serkan offers complimentary mentorship to navigate the complexities of product management. Discover your true potential under Serkan’s guidance.

Here are some free resources I’d love to share with you all. All of these resources have been used by myself and my teams over my career.